The quality and the reproducibility of all our alloys bears witness to our experience and complete mastery of our entire process.
The choice of raw materials, the constant measurements and inspections conducted by our innovative and effective teams equipped with high-tech equipment, form the foundation of our expertise.

Sanitary fittings

Our specific alloys adapted to gravity or low pressure casting produce perfect parts with complex geometry. Robotised polishing guarantees that they are inclusion-free, for a flawless look.

Mechanical parts

For elaborated mechanical parts, in different sectors of activity including automobiles, an exclusive range of alloys with specific and sustainable technical characteristics can meet the needs of the most elaborate projects.

Works of art

Whether for sculpture or a decorative part, in this sector that is particularly sensitive to design and creativity, we offer customised solutions for sand or lost-wax casting.


In a sector that demands perfection and maintains the zero-fault principle, irreproachable alloys are required.
The AB+ alloy meets these constraints. Antimicrobial, Pb-free and Ni-free, sustainable, they combat the proliferation of germs.
AB+ alloy: 100% brass, 100% recyclable, 100% effective.