The AFICA guarantees

  • Selected partners upstream and downstream from production.
  • Strategic choices at pre- or post-production for better securing.
  • Strict specifications, proven processes that are constantly improved.
  • Our objective: limit our environmental impact.


Our global approach entails giving special attention to our various suppliers, from quality to the sourcing thereof. Our purchases meet specifications that are compliant with the regulations (REACH, CMRT…). In addition, AFICA chooses its suppliers of secondary raw materials in accordance with well-considered criteria.


  • Proximity
  • Origin of materials
  • Quality of the products and services
  • Compliance with deadlines

Thus, more than 80% of the raw materials used at AFICA, comes from recycling, sourced from France and also bordering countries such as Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy.


The choice of raw materials

Our ethics

An approach revolving around 2 fundamental axes:

  • The source
  • The metal extraction conditions guaranteed by regulations (CMRT)

Our commitment

Special attention is given to compliance with regulations on the substances and products used in our alloys:

  • REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) Proposition 65 (California)

Logistics / Delivery

The choice of carriers also meets preselected criteria.
Their level of specialisation and their labelling are analysed by our teams before every cooperation project.