AFICA in motion

We are constantly looking to develop and improve the quality of our products, our employees’ working conditions, the selection of our raw materials and our energies and as such reducing our carbon footprint. We constantly pay attention to the environment.
Our final concern: excellence.

Research and development

Choosing AFICA provides you with personalised attention and constant support from our technical and sales teams. Together, we will successfully carry out your projects and will suggest the best alloy customised for you.


We are constantly improving our production lines. Today, our castings are automated, robotised; however, mastery of technology isn’t worth anything if it is not accompanied by human expertise. We ensure that our employees receive constant training and avenues for improvement in order to ensure a never-ending increase in skills.


AFICA has been in the process for maintaining certification for nearly 40 years.
ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and very soon 50001. Our desire to produce the best is today crowned by a range of certifications that guarantee a requirement level in strategic areas for our clientele.

Administrative documents

AFICA provides you with documentation that is suited to your requirements and specifics, whether your needs are in the commercial area or in QHSE areas. 

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Beyond certification

  • Carpooling (excluding Covid)
  • Electric trolleys
  • A responsible automotive fleet
  • Decarbonisation
  • Attentive to the immediate environment