Since its creation in 1967, AFICA, now leader in its market, has concentrated its activity on the refining of copper alloys, especially brass which it has made its speciality.
The experience acquired through listening to customers and working as their partner has led us to consider each customer as a special case, benefiting from our technical process and a high level of specific requirements.
This enables us to offer, in reference to European standard 1982, not only the so-called "standard" alloys, but also, and especially, solutions, services and products perfectly suited to the expectations and needs of each of our partners.

Afica’s assets include :

- long experience and competence in
designing, producing and using
high-quality copper alloys,

- thorough understanding of
international trade,
- knowledge of secondary raw
materials markets,

- efficient logistics,
- prompt delivery capability,
- thorough, responsive and
high-quality associated services.


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