Our alloys are present wherever water flows.Our brass alloys, specially designed and developed to meet the expectations and requirements of each of our partners, are used to produce taps, meters, valves and various other parts.
They are used very frequently in low pressure and gravity mould metal casting to produce "top-of-the-range" sanitary products combining aesthetic perfection with high technicality.
Ils sont tout particulièrement utilisés en fonderie moule métallique basse pression et gravité, pour la réalisation de produits sanitaires «haut de gamme» qui mélangent avec perfection l’esthétique et la haute technicité.

Top-of-the-range" alloys have the following characteristics :

- perfect castability achieved through a very fine grain structural arrangement, allowing production of parts with complex design and internal geometry,

- perfect surface condition for an exceptional finish after fine polishing and surface treatment,

- guaranteed analytical composition,
The range of AFICA "WATER" products includes :

- "top-of-the-range" and traditional brass alloys,

- products resisting corrosion phenomena,

- lead-free, low-lead and special alloys,

- bronze and copper-aluminium alloys,

- other specific copper alloys,

Top-of-the-range sanitation products


Water meter

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