A high-performance industrial tool

The quality and reproducibility of all our alloys, produced with a constant concern to find the most competitive solution, are the fruit of long experience and careful investment, based on the quality of the alloys and the flexibility of their production, and total control of the operations involved in our ISO 9001 certified process.

Raw materials from recycling

The first stage, benefiting from the excellent relations developed with our European suppliers, is the choice of secondary raw materials, mainly from recycling, which receive a suitable incoming quality inspection, including protection against radioactivity.
Control of melting and inspections
This know-how is guaranteed through our control of melting parameters together with inspections and measurements made throughout the process using state-of-the-art equipment at the melting stage and in the laboratory.
Guaranteed supply and leadtimes
This satisfaction is also achieved through assuring our customers of a durable and sure supply within guaranteed and prompt delivery times.
Motivated and competent personnel
The motivation and competence of our personnel, constantly maintained through suitable training, are indispensable elements making up the strategic force of our company with the objective of constantly seeking customer satisfaction.

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