High-quality «made-to-measure» copper alloys
Our alloys are produced mainly by recycling metals from recovery processes, thus contributing to sustainable development. They meet the complex and precise metallurgical, mechanical and analytical requirements dictated by the end use of the part.

Alloys adapted to the casting process
All our products are tailored to ensure excellent, highly stable moulding behaviour perfectly adapted to the typology of the parts to be produced and the casting technique used:

- low pressure metal mould,
- pressurised metal mould,
- gravity metal mould, sand and lost wax mould.
Alloys adjusted to properties of the parts
In addition, depending on their applications, our alloys provide:

- flawless quality after polishing,
- resistance to aggressive environments,
- high mechanical strength,
- high wear resistance,
- perfect machinability,
- perfectly defined electrical conductivity,
- any other special specifications linked, for example, to the environment and legislation.

Our alloys are used by founders to obtain complexly-shaped sanitary valves and fittings, meters and valves, technically complex parts with demanding mechanical and electrical characteristics, as well as parts for art work and furnishings.







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